Eyebrows are an important facial features because of the numerous tasks they perform. They aid in the framing of the eyes, shaping of the face, and play a powerful role in communication. Eyebrows are the Swiss Army Knife of the human body—they do everything! First and foremost, they protect your eyes. The shape of the brow ridge and the brows themselves channel sweat, rain, and moisture away from the eyeballs so your vision stays clear. Second, they're essential for nonverbal communication. Eyelashes - Looking to make a change to your eye makeup routine? Consider our eyelashes! These are a must for giving your eyes a gorgeous flutter.

  • Category: Eyebrows/Eyelashews
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours

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Our multi-layered premium styles are designed to enhance all eye shapes and are made with a light weight thin band.


Because of your delicate facial structure, you need a delicate brow; full, heavily structured or highly arched eyebrows will appear overwhelming on your face and draw too much attention to the forehead. Soft brows with a low to medium arch height and a curved or soft arch shape will be the most flattering on you.