From shoulder to wrist, we remove every single hair from the arms in a quick and almost painless fashion. Our waxing service is designed to smooth and remove unwanted hair on the entire arm. If you’re interested in adding in hands or underarms, JJ DAY SPA can wax these areas as well. If you self-tan, adding the underarms is perfect, as the self-tanner goes on smooth, without gathering in the fine hairs.

  • Category: Wax
  • Duration: 00:60 Hours
  • Address: 119 Clifford St, Newark, NJ 07105, USA Suite 117 - Lower Floor (Map)

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Full Arms Waxing is a procedure where one can remove all the unwanted hair from their arms with the use of wax and wax-removal strips. At JJ DAY SPA, man or woman can utilize the service of waxing full arms with the use of safe wax with unique ingredients that are tested safe for use. The unique technology used in our wax removes the hair safely from its roots, smoothening the skin and hindering the hair growth for a long time!