Nose Waxing – Waxing nose hairs? Ouch! Though you may be thinking that waxing these delicate hairs is the last thing that you want to do, give it a second thought. Those annoying nose hairs and those tears (from tweezing) can be removed with a simple and quick nose hair waxing. Some people just get the outer portion of the nose waxed which is much safer and less invasive than getting what others choose- the inside of their nose waxed. But if you have less-than-appealing hair peeking out, then we recommend waxing the inside of the nose. Inside nose hair waxing consists of coating a thin wood stick with wax and then placing it slightly in the nostril and letting it stay there.

  • Category: Wax
  • Duration: 00:15 Hours
  • Address: 119 Clifford St, Newark, NJ 07105, USA Suite 117 - Lower Floor (Map)

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